Reporting in Power BI

Reporting of your data by us will be clear. informative. visually attractive.

Through stories, we find order.

The data era demands changes

The world of today offers an endless amount of data and vast possibilities to utilize it. Data work transformation is a part of the global business environment evolution that leads to effective business decisions and greater prosperity.

Everything under one roof

We are professionals who understand the essence of business. We speak your language and will help you understand your data. Through continuous support, we respond quickly to all changes and implement system updates according to your needs.

Comprehensive reporting saves time and money

Adequate setup, effective integration, and data visualization provide a solid foundation for automating and completing the data story. Without any additional costs for systems or licenses.

We see beyond the horizon of our work.
Right where your business is.

Data architecture preparation

We can find more in your data than meets the eye
  • With in-depth communication and understanding of your business answer your questions and find the data treasures hidden in your systems, cleaning the data and making it fully usable. We consolidate all data sources into one user-friendly Power BI environment and automate all follow-up processes.
  • Direct Query, composite models, streaming data sources, etc. are all tools we work with on a daily basis. We prepare data models to be easy for the input systems so the reports are loaded in a snap.
  • We prototype and test everything before launching, knowing in advance how the system will work and keeping room for improvements.

Data sources preparation and integration: Direct Query vs. Import, composite models, streaming data sources, etc.


Architecture, preparation and standardization of datasets and DataFlows


Setting up visual elements in Power BI and prototyping the first reports


Correct documentation of reports, data sources, transformations and Power BI Service artifacts


Optimization of queries and ETL processes

(as a service)

Clear data storytelling
  • We make sure your reporting works exactly the way you want it to. Through effective system settings, we save your and your employees´ time, ridding you of Excel tables and boring static PowerPoint presentations. How? Through understanding your business and an expert knowledge level of the IT environment.
  • We tailor the Power BI system to your needs, preparing metrics and calculations (DAX, Power Query), which are fundamental to data modeling. We humbly accept changes in the assignment and often propose them ourselves. From our experience, we know that each improvement moves the result a step further. We are supporters of the data purity reporting concept.
  • While some perceive data as numbers, we see the whole story behind them. We visualize and narrate information so it becomes beneficial in the shortest possible time, creating tailor-made reports – informatively and graphically. You will always receive a functional and interactive report, which is permanently available to you on any device.
Environment construction

System customization according to your needs

Calculations preparation

Detailed preparation of key calculations and metrics (DAX, Power Query)

Data visualization

Transforming data into logical stories and clear answers


Realization of customized reports, always available and functional on any device


Specific wishes are a challenge we accept
  • By going beyond the standards and offering complete customization of your Power BI, we can imprint your company’s visual identity into all outputs and unify the reports across devices. We also deliver multilingual reports, building and implementing them to mobile applications using our own customized navigation elements.
  • We apply less traditional tools such as write-back, which allows you to change and input values directly in the Power BI interface. This helps enhance the user experience in planning, budgeting, and forecasting.
  • We automate internal processes through integration with other Microsoft Power Platform family tools, such as Power Apps or Power Automate. We will free you from the ever-repeating processes that we delegate to artificial intelligence.

Visual identity creation

Write-back tool

What-if analysis and scenario modelling

Data security based on defined roles - OLS, RLS, APLS

Customized visuals development

Our Reporting Gives Answers
To Important Questions

And it costs a fraction of the employee cost. All outputs are up to date and available online 24/7. You choose the format of the report you need, it can be easily converted into a presentation, PDF, Excel, or sent to your chat in MS Teams.
  • Professional Power BI settings for effective use in practice
  • All data sources in one place, always available, up-to-date, with clean data
  • Stable and functional system
  • Stabilization of basic business processes
  • Comprehensively unified data security
  • Report access configuration based on clearly defined roles
  • Integration of Live Power BI reports into PowerPoint, SharePoint, MS Teams and other services (always up-to-date and clean data)


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