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So that you don't get lost along the way

Expert support always comes in handy for Power BI adoption. Managing analytical processes in Power BI is a continuous process with new questions and challenges needing to be addressed. We assist with solving technical problems, optimizing and updating the system as well as supporting education.

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Has the power to alter reality

Sharing expertise helps us and our clients grow further. We organize structured monthly academies and training, as well as intensive corporate workshops tailored to our clients' needs. We train complete beginners as well as experts and choose teaching methods based on your level of knowledge and educational goals. This way, you will always learn exactly what is relevant to you.

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We teach all organizational levels using our educational products.

Uživatel a manažer
User and Manager

Knows what Power BI is.
Reads and utilizes reports in their line of work.

Tvůrce modelů
Data Model Developer

Optimizes data for reporting
and extracts it into Power BI.

Tvůrce reportů
Report Developer

Prepares reports, dashboards and applications
from pre-prepared data.

Datový analytik
Data analyst and Power BI Developer

Develops models and reports.
Has expert IT knowledge.

Vývojář Premium
Premium Developer

Develops models and reports
in Premium capacity.

Administrátor IT
Admin and IT

Responsible for processes and governance.
Sets up the Power BI environment.


Your guide to the Power BI world

We are at your disposal during the implementation and operation of Power BI. For everything from minor code modification to further training of your employees, you can rely on us in any situation. We consult problems operatively and efficiently to find a solution. Let´s talk, make an appointment, and figure it out together!

You have found a mentor, partner, and advisor. We are experts in the following areas:

Power BI Adoption

Did you get off on the right foot?

We advise on what you need for your work and effective implementation of the Power BI ecosystem. Adopting a new system is always a complex process that has its own rules and pitfalls.

At the very beginning, we find out how is your organizational environment set up, where exactly you stand in the Power BI adoption process, and which user levels you need to work with (management, developers, end users). We will assess the potential of your data and find exactly what you are looking for.

The implementation process is supported by precisely defined rules in the adoption roadmap and technical documentation in accordance with your reporting strategy.

We are answering the following questions:

  • How to manage Power BI adoption?
  • Where does your organization stand within a “maturity check”?
  • Where, when, and how are regular updates implemented?
  • How to evaluate the reports’ effectiveness?
  • What impact do reports have on users?

ReporTee and Education

How about someone showing you step-by-step how to use Power BI reports?

Meet ReporTee, an educational tool that teaches new Power BI users to control and navigate reports. This self-learning interactive app guides users through the basics of using your data in your Power BI environment.

ReporTee answers questions such as::

  • What features does Power BI offer?
  • Which functions are importnt to my work?
  • How is Power BI controlled?
  • In what formats and how should I export the report?
  • How can I read the individual graphs?
  • How to use functionalities such as slicers, bookmarks, drill-downs, etc.?

Mentoring Support

Do your employees or colleagues have the knowledge they need?

We accept challenges at all organizational levels by helping with specific problems that concern individual departments of your company. We advise on the optimization of all Power BI components, which can burden your organizational processes and internal systems in terms of daily use. We review the data transformation in Power Query, the architecture of data models, and the construction of DAX entities and integrate additional components and services of the Azure cloud infrastructure. This raises the potential of using the Power BI platform to a new level.

The Power BI Center of Excellence (COE) is an internal team of technical and business experts who provide an expert framework for capturing, transforming, managing, and using data within the organization. The COE forms the core of the adoption and learning processes within the community and the promotion of organizational goals that are consistent with the principles of data culture.

As part of the Power BI Service desk, we provide complete support for the Power BI ecosystem. Our team is ready to provide comprehensive supervision over the development activities and maintain the level of delivery processes at a consistent quality. Just like your business demands.

We can help you solve the following problems:

  • Have you encountered a reporting problem within the team and don’t know how to proceed?
  • Do you consolidate reporting across departments and need expert supervision?
  • Do you need to figure out organizational KPIs at a management level?
  • Want to broaden your understanding of Power BI in the context of your business?


Useful to Power BI beginners and experts

We help you find and understand missing pieces of the puzzle, making your learning journey relevant to your specific needs. Each knowledge level requires a different approach and specific content. Whether you are a beginner just getting to know Power BI better or an expert dealing with advanced functions, you will always get adequate information from us.

We believe in the power of education.

Power BI Academies

Do you know how much you can learn in 30 days?

Together with the Digiskills platform, we regularly organize 30-day academies, which consist of 4-6 webinars and a structured self-study program, taking you through more than 70 thematic interactive lessons. We provide several academy levels according to your knowledge – for beginners, advanced users, and experts. All educational activities are also available to the public, applications are open to individuals and organizational teams.

Training content depends on your knowledge level. For example, Power BI Academy will give you the following answers:

  • How to transform and clean data in Power Query?
  • Do I know the basics of the DAX language?
  • Why is it important to set up the Power BI architecture correctly and how to use the data storytelling method?
  • How to utilize advanced visualizations in Power BI and calculations in the DAX language?

And much more. More details:

Power BI Master Class

Are you looking for intensive and effective training for an expert level of knowledge?

Together with GOPAS, we organize regular Power BI Master classes. These are three-day courses focusing on reporting and data modeling. The course is focused on the knowledge needed for practical use.

What will we teach you in Data Modelling:

  • How to understand the architecture of data products in the Microsoft ecosystem?
  • How to efficiently integrate and parse data sources from Excel, SharePoint, databases?
  • What options do I have thanks to gateways in Power BI and how to combine data using bindings?

What will we teach you in Reporting:

  • How to structure information in reports and choose the right components in Power BI Service.
  • How to effectively present your data so that it is understandable for everyone.
  • Use of advanced functions and calculations in the DAX language.
  • How to adopt the advanced functions of Power BI Service (scorecards, dashboards, applications, insights).

Tailored Expert Training

Do you want to mediate useful knowledge to your employees?

Effective training begins with an understanding of participants´ expectations, their level of knowledge, needs, and defining the learning objectives. The output of every workshop is a functioning reporting tool, defined at the beginning and throughout the process and ultimately created by students.

If possible, we train student groups either vertically (for example HR department, business, etc.) or horizontally (management). In this way, we meet the expectations of the group for which the training is intended. Everything takes place at your home, in the office, or online.

Together with us, you will immerse yourself in the following areas:

  • Power BI Architecture
    What is the Power BI philosophy and how does it work?
  • Data integration
    How to load any data source and what are the pitfalls?
  • Data transformation
    How to process the data so that it is suitably prepared for calculations and visualizations?
  • Features and visualizations in Power BI
    How to create any calculation, prepare a graph, table, matrix, metric or a map?
  • Graphics and storytelling
    How to create visualizations so the ultimate message is clear at the first glance for the target audience?
  • Using reports and the Power BI Service
    Knowledge intended primarily for report users and managers.
  • Advanced concepts and functions
    Power Query and DAX optimization, Power Query constructs, Calculation Groups, etc.


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