Make Your Data Shine

Through Power BI, we search for hidden data treasures that are eager to be discovered.
This data can point your business in the right direction.
At DataBrothers We Know That:

Everything is connected

Thanks to searching and understanding diverse data in business discover new ways to supersede the expectations of your company´s growth.

One who seeks will find

We use data analysis and Power BI to find interesting questions and accurate answers in the context of your business.

Data reflects your business

Data analysis completes the functioning of your company, helps solve problems, and ideally leads to preventing them.


In Your Data, We See Your Company’s Entire Past, Present, And Future Potential.

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Management and optimization

We are strategic partners who help you achieve your goal

Do you regularly verify that your business stands on solid foundations?

Setting up the basics of collecting and processing your company’s data has to be built from the ground up. Clearly established rules within the Power BI ecosystem are a key element for obtaining information that will help you make effective business decisions. We extract the necessary data sources, organize them, and create a meaningful data architecture that saves you time and money.

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Tailor-made reports

Stories that excite and give answers

Have you ever wondered if there is any information you are missing out on?

There certainly is, but we can help you find it. We understand the business contexts and know how to find answers in your data, taking care of the whole process. We prepare reports in Power BI and, if necessary, adjust the data in Microsoft Azure data tools. This transforms everything into clear reports, dashboards, and/or applications with data storytelling methods to answer essential business questions to move your business forward.

Power Conference 2023
Power Conference 2023

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Mentoring and Education (not only) in Power BI

Learn the tricks of the trade

Have you ever attended a training session that was just a waste of time?

We prepare interactive workshops for beginners and experts for you to test the acquired knowledge and build the skills that are usable in practice. You can learn and practice on your organizational data, which you are familiar with. We focus on ​​data analysis in Power BI, Power Query, and Azure Synapse Analytics. We also reveal the basic tricks through ReporTee and websites, providing continuous mentoring and advice in all areas related to Power BI and reporting.

We have specific experiences with following business agendas


• Management reports
• Cash flow
• Financial indicators and KPIs
• Prediction of the economic result
• Payroll

PMO and portfolio management

• Project management
• Portfolio management
• Fulfilment of strategic KPIs

Human Resources

• Core HR
• Onboarding, recruiting
• Attendance and utilization
• Education
• KPIs and performance
• Learning & development
• Attendance and sickness reports


• Service desk (ticketing, response time, etc.)
• Incident analysis
• Services availability
• SLA compliance
• Satisfaction evaluation


• Pipeline
• Sales representatives performance
• Business plans fulfilment
• Customer activity analysis
• Marketing campaigns impact


• Traffic sensors
• Effect of traffic closures
• Meeting rooms effectivity

Digital marketing

Applications and portals traffic


• Production data

Partnerships built on trust, empathy and results
are our driving engine.

By the numbers


experienced team players


years of experience with Power BI




star projects

We Know What We're Doing

Technologies we work with on daily basis
MS Fabric
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Power Platform

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