Power BI management and optimization

The building block for functional data analysis in Power BI


And the data magic can begin.

Tailor-made Power BI architecture

From the purchase of an adequate license, through the Power BI artifacts (datasets, dataflows, reports, dashboards) deployment design, to complete security of the environment. We take care of everything as professionals. The project is created on the basis of cooperation and an in-depth understanding of your business.

All under one roof

We consolidate all necessary data sources into the Microsoft Azure and Power BI interfaces. We optimize burdensome components of data models. We prepare documentation for enterprise reporting and self-service BI.

Always one step ahead

Effective Power BI management and governance is a continuous process. New possibilities and functions are being added constantly. We monitor all the news and apply them accordingly to ensure getting the maximum potential from the data and the environment.

Correct process setup and optimization are often neglected but crucial steps to effective data analysis.

Microsoft Power BI administration

Good start provides basis for success

The life of any tool begins with integration. Based on your requirements and possibilities, we will ensure adequate licenses. Architecture within Power BI ecosystems built correctly is the basis for configuring effective internal processes. This is the only way to finding answers to essential business questions and to distributing information meaningfully.

PBI Admin as a Service (setup, communication, implementation, revision)

Services, sources, tenant monitoring

Integration of reports from Power BI REST API

Architecture consultation and revision

Data Gateways management and monitoring

Optimization and migration

We make your doubts disappear

For proper Power BI optimization, we need to understand where and what data is flowing. We identify problems, we help to modify to make it fully functional for your purposes. We optimize calculations and data architecture within models. We transfer agendas from platforms such as Tableau or Qlik to the Power BI world. In this way, everything gets to one place that is clear and functional.

Pain points identification and monitoring

Power Query queries revision

DAX calculations optimizaiton (speed)

PBI reports unification

Migration of reports from another tools

Power BI Governance

Data and reports need a firm hand

It represents a comprehensive approach to collecting, managing, securing and storing data models and reports in the Power BI ecosystem. We give order to the data environment. Our goal is to provide information you can always rely on. Your business decisions are always a meaningful step towards prosperity. We distribute access to reports, dashboards and applications through multi-level security – only appropriate users get access to sensitive information. We guarantee availability, complexity, continuity and, above all, data security.

Licensing, cost optimization

Artifact Lifecycle Management

Data security settings

Setting roles and RBA

New resources integration and standardization

What will you get from optimizing the Power BI environment?

  • Professional Power BI setup for effective and practical use
  • All data sources in one place
  • Stable and functional system
  • Stabilization of basic business processes
  • Comprehensively unified data security
  • Configuration of access to reports based on clearly defined roles
  • Long-term, fast, safe operation of reports
  • Certainty for incorporating new requirements

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